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We use the general Wurm Online rules (within the context, replace Wurm Online Team for Server Staff). Since this is a mixed PvP and PvE server, the rules for PvP servers (Epic, and Chaos Servers) applies for all PvP areas, while rules for PvE servers (Freedom Isles etc.) applies for PvE zones.

PvP Rules

Because Awakening is a mixed PvP and PvE server, we've had to work out special rules regarding PvP. Awakening is also primarily a Roleplay (RP) server, which means players who intend to play a PvP game style similar to Epic and Chaos, i.e. tactical warfare for land dominance, should seek another type of server. We might open up other servers in the future, with free PvP rules, but for Awakening this will be written in stone: All PvP must be done with consent by all players involved. On a pure PvP server, consent actually is implied by joining the server, but with a mixed server consent has to be stated by all parts. There are several ways consent can be stated, for example organizing a PvP event and list all involved players in the #events channel on Discord. It must be publically stated, so that all parts get the chance to confirm or deny their participation. It is not permitted to join a PvP event, and when things did not turn out the way planned, claim there were no consent afterwards, such a claim will be ignored. For this reason, PvP events must be announced in good time, about a week or so, to give all parts chance to denounce participation. What a PvP event could be is up to the players, it could be anything from a field battle to raiding a deed. If raiding a deed, the deed owner then get the chance to involve players to defend the deed. Such an event will also include that players can pick team mates and plan the attack and defence beforehand. PvP without consent is considered griefing.

The PvP rules in the previous paragraph applies to attacking other players, it does not apply to non-violent PvP such as stealing - where normal WO PvP rules should be used. Destruction of on-deed property should be seen as attacking the deed, also when a group of more than one player is stealing from a deed it should be seen as an attack in that otherwise a large group of players could go to any deed and steal everything. Destruction of off-deed property should not be considered violent actions, this includes guard towers; but if a player is clearly working on starting a deed in the area it should be viewed as being a deed - it should be interpreted that destroying abandoned property is permitted, but when a player is intending to start a settlement it's harrassment, which is griefing. It is always permitted to defend your deed against thieves. Any player, whether PvP or PvE doesn't matter, moving onto a deed outside of a PvE zone (deed perimiter is included as part of the deed in this situation), may be considered a thief and can freely be attacked by the citizens of the deed.

Concerning players living inside PvE zones, with the PvP setting, then all deeds outside PvE zones should be considered small PvE zones. For deeds on PvP land, it's the mayor's PvP setting that counts for each deed. So players living on deeds where the mayor's PvP setting is not checked, in this case the rules are the same as for players living inside PvE zones, it's ok to attack players off deed but not on deed. This way, only in the case of two deeds where both mayors have the PvP setting, can full PvP take place between them - with freely attacking and stealing. It's really simple: between two parties the rules should always be the same, with the common base line being non-agression.

In the situation of conflict between players and kingdoms, regarding land domination and deeding to claim land: Such a conflict should be resolved by a CM, in which case a CM of the nearest kingdom capital should be selected. If the conflict cannot be resolved with diplomacy, the CM may announce a PvP event, where both parties of the conflict pick players and resolve the conflict with PvP. If it becomes a way to systematically enforce PvP events, it should be considered griefing.

Concerning PvP, this list shows how to interpret what PvP action is permitted and what isn't (here PvP player means a player with the PvP setting checked, a PvE player is a player without the PvP setting checked; a PvP deed is a deed where the mayor has the PvP setting, and a PvE deed is a deed where the mayor does not have the PvP setting):

  1. PvP event: Each event declares the rules, and lists partaking players.
  2. Off deed: PvP player attacking PvE player - Not ok.
  3. Off deed: PvP player attacking PvP player - Ok. Doesn't matter if living in a PvE zone or PvE deed, or not.
  4. On deed: PvP player from a PvE zone attacking a PvE deed - Not ok.
  5. On deed: PvP player from a PvE zone attacking a PvP deed - Not ok.
  6. On deed: PvP player from a PvE deed attacking a PvE deed - Not ok.
  7. On deed: PvP player from a PvE deed attacking a PvP deed - Not ok.
  8. On deed: PvP player from a PvP deed attacking a PvE deed - Not ok.
  9. On deed: PvP player from a PvP deed attacking a PvP deed - Ok.
  10. On deed: PvP player from a PvE zone stealing from a PvE deed - Not ok.
  11. On deed: PvP player from a PvE zone stealing from a PvP deed - Not ok.
  12. On deed: PvP player from a PvE deed stealing from a PvE deed - Ok. It's permitted to defend your deed from stealing, and it's permitted to steal back.
  13. On deed: PvP player from a PvP deed stealing from a PvE deed - Ok.
  14. On deed: PvP player from a PvP deed stealing from a PvP deed - Ok.
Note that you can always see if a player has the PvP setting checked by hovering the mouse over the character's body, it will say "[PvP]" below the name and title. You can also use the command /pvp to list all active PvP players, where active means logged in within two months.

Age Restriction

Awakening is primarily a server that targets a roleplay community, and as such accepts mature jokes in the public chats. Recommended age of players is 16 years and above. Younger players are welcome in the presence of older family members, and should be announced so that language can be adjusted to a level that is suitable for younger ears.

Client Mods

We don't permit any client mods that give the player any advantage over other players, or which somehow removes the advantages of having certain skills. The ESP mod is absolutely banned. Clickers and macros are not permitted. Client mods that are permitted include Live map, which doesn't really give any advantage over other players, and Skill Gain Tracker, and similar client mods. Client mods such as 10 slot toolbelt are considered cheats, because they give the player an advantage over other players and removes the need for leather working skill.

The Awakening client mod is found here. To install it in your client, simply extract the zip-file into the mods-folder in the Steam Wurm Unlimited client directory. The mods-folder should then contain mods/ and mods/awakening/awakening.jar (note that the jar-file should be placed in a sub-directory named awakening). Start the Wurm Unlimited client via Steam and the client mod will load. New versions of the client mod, will automatically be installed, this also includes new versions of any other permitted client mods already installed. After an automatic client mod update, you will be asked to restart the Wurm client.

Promoting the Server

The server has a stable economy and does not actually have the need of donations to support the cost of running the server. However, players have requested to be able to donate and support the server costs, so a PayPal donations button is here supplied.

There are a number of other ways to promote the server. One thing is to vote for the server on the list, then make it a routine to vote on a daily basis. You can also write a review and post in one of the forum thread, either at Wurm Online's forum, or at Steam's forum.